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Advantages of collaboration between Companies & Recruitment Agencies

There are several advantages of working with external recruiters. External recruitment teams with their industry specialization, experience of working in your sector and pre-vetted lists of talent, are known for faster hiring. Filling a vacancy faster reduces recruitment costs, driving greater efficiency and improving the bottom line. On top of this, external recruitment specialists can be some of your best brand ambassadors. If clients approach the collaboration openly, clearly communicate their values, expectations, goals, and needs, recruitment agencies can tailor their professional practices to directly match your brand at a critical point in the employment lifecycle – attracting talent.

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Employer Branding

Recruitment, done well, is an integral part of employer branding.  Both represent the identity of the company to customers and potential staff. Employer Branding is the process of presenting a company, its values and the employer value proposition to targeted groups of candidates. It results in the building of the perception that employees – current and future – have of a company.

Successful employer branding results in the values and culture of a company being visible to the target audience.  As the market for talented employees becomes more and more competitive, the search for talent becomes more demanding. Strong employer brands attract job seekers whose background, personality, and aspirations match those of the company.  Strong Employer Brand drives the right talent closer to a company.  This has advantages in making recruitment trouble-free as well-matched candidates are already aware and interested in the company.
The people leading and working on filling a vacancy, be they an internal team or an external recruitment agency, will be making a brand impression on potential candidates – whether they know it or not. 

A conscious and considered recruitment approach that is designed in a way that directly links to the employer brand will actively build and strengthen a brand. Hiring a recruitment agency can result in widening the impact of the employer brand as agencies can reach new and broader communities through new channels that an internal team may not have access to. A professional recruitment agency, specialising in the industry and with a strong understanding of the company brand, can have a positive impact on even those candidates who did not make it to the team. Resulting in positive thoughts, impressions, and reviews for future openings and opportunities at the company.

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Recruitment agencies mostly recommend people that are not actively looking for a job. The right talent rarely applies through a company’s career pages and job adverts.  This is especially true for tech specialists. Social media marketing and marketing vacancies is important, however, for success, a wider range of tools to connect to the right talent is essential.

Recruitment agencies specialise in searching out passive candidates, talented in what they do and successful in their current career.  They are experts in introducing exciting new positions and captivating their attention. 

Recruiters are specialists in finding the right candidate. They keep themselves well informed of the market and always have a pool of great potential talent that they are regularly in touch with. 

A Recruitment agency works faster to introduce companies to the talented professionals they want on their team. Even if an interviewing process isn’t successful, professional recruiters are experts in creating that valuable new connection that may be relevant in future. Recruitment agencies can be your direct line to building successful teams, broad talent pools, and deep relationships with the people critical to the company’s success no and in the future.

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Better Quality Candidates

Recruiters benefit from being specialists in their field, constantly researching and in touch with the market and a wide pool of potential talent.  They’re quickly able to turn to this knowledge and pool to match their clients’ requirements.

Once an opportunity is live recruiters switch on their network and work hard to understand more about potential candidates their skills, knowledge, experience, aspirations and values, recommending only those that match with their client’s needs.

Outsourcing Recruitment Reduces Costs

Reducing costs is one of the main reasons for choosing a recruitment agency. 

A poorly designed and managed recruitment process can lead to a negative result, lengthen the time to hire and waste resources. While internal recruitment teams can be knowledgeable about the company, some specialist and senior roles can turn over less frequently and internal teams lose the expertise critical to these roles.  Recruitment agencies are specialized in the specific field of recruitment and the have the technical and sectoral knowledge critical to finding the best candidates. Recruitment agencies are experts in analysing your business’s needs, spotting hiring gaps and the links these gaps can have on business success.

Unfilled positions cause a company to suffers – often severely if they are vacancies in strategic and technical roles. Recruitment agencies can be brought in at the right time, with the right expertise and knowledge, without the need to have a permanent team on standby when recruitment demands fluctuate.



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