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What is recruitment? 

Recruitment is the process of actively seeking, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. Recruitment describes the entire hiring lifecycle, from identifying the need for a new resource, to induction of a new recruit into the company. (Google)

Often there is a built in recruitment function within the Human Resources (HR) business unit of major companies. This division is usually responsible for the hiring lifecycle of the applicants who have submitted CV’s/resumes for the company. 

Almost all companies recruit candidates through advertisements, job boards, and social media however, many vacancies are filled through people finding out through established professional and personal networks and word of mouth.

What is a recruitment

Also known as employment agencies, recruitment agencies perform the role of a middleman [middle person?] between jobseekers and employers. They provide recruitment services for employers, finding talented candidates for opportunities in their company. Many employers use these services, and registering with an agency can provide you with access to vacancies that aren’t advertised anywhere else. (Google)

Every hiring opportunity has a lifecycle. Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees is a specialist profession requiring detailed knowledge and skills for each role.  This can be difficult and costly for some firms to do internally, which is why many companies collaborate with outside Recruitment teams. Also, as it is their whole business, recruitment agencies focus on developing relationships with a supply of good candidates that are often pre-assessed. 

This provides an extended candidate pool more efficiently than employers would be able to manage alone. 

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